Album Review: Air France

No Way Down

Facts about this album:

* Air France are actually from Gothenburg, Sweden.

* ‘No Way Down’ is their second release, following the ‘On Trade Winds’ EP.

Album review:

Busy scissors snipping or an analogue camera taking shot after shot? Whatever that clicking noise on opener ‘Maundy Thursday’ is, it’s a fittingly mystifying start to Air France’s loved-up Blade Runner soundscapes, which are so eerily perfect they verge on the unsettling. The hedonistic samba of ‘No Excuses’, ‘Never Content’ and ‘Karbien’ are as evocative of dreamy Ibizan beaches and mid-morning jugs of sangria as it’s possible to be without getting on your EasyJet flight already. Yet there are times when this Swedish duo seem to be content with weirding you out instead; ‘No Way Down’’s panpipes and ‘Windmill Wedding’’s outro menagerie racket are so gap-year utopian they make you want to ram joss sticks up Air France’s noses. Mighty peculiar.

Leonie Cooper

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