Album review: Akron/Family – ‘Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free’

Not as weird as they think, but still lovely

With a press release that employs musical terms as diverse as ‘afrobeat’, ‘metal’, ‘psychedelia’ and ‘free-jazz’ to describe a band, you’d be forgiven for concluding the adjective they forgot was ‘shite’. However, this oddball New York-based trio’s fifth album are an exception to that rule. Sure, ‘Set ’Em Wild…’ often nudges at the boundaries of indulgence, but it’s hard to argue with the winsome orchestral folk of ‘River’ or the skyward-gazing dream-pop of ‘Sun Will Shine’. Fans of Animal Collective will be familiar with the expressive freak-out moments here, but Akron/Family are secretly far more at home nestled somewhere between Fleet Foxes and Led Zep in your collection.

Tom Edwards

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