Album Review: Alessi’s Ark – ‘Time Travel’

Wise beyond her years with her beautifully dulcet tones

Catapulted from her GCSEs into the hub of London’s bustling anti-folk scene, buoyed by a record deal with the behemothic Virgin, Londoner Alessi Laurent-Marke has had a hell of a lot of growing up to do.

Her second, now with indie Bella Union, is a precious mix of childlike insouciance and adolescent anxiety. Alessi swings between the likes of ‘Wire’ – which finds her intoning “I feel lonely, my friends don’t seem to know me like I thought they did” before the melancholia is chivvied away in wafting horns and rushing strings – and the lazy, gently wending country of ‘Kind Of Man’ and the endearingly rickety ‘The Robot’, which have a deftness that defies her years.

Katherine Rodgers


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