Album review: Alexisonfire – ‘Old Crows/Young Cardinals’

Screamo tries to grow up, fails

With 2006’s ‘Crisis’, Alexisonfire set themselves up as screamo ambassadors, topping album charts and opening ears beyond the punk heartlands. Now they say they’re aiming to “put the knife in” the genre. ‘Old Crows’ suggests they can duke it out with Fucked Up for Canada’s post-hardcore crown, ‘Young Cardinals’ is among the best ornithological songs you’ll hear all year, and ‘No Rest’ squirms on its sharpened riff like a stuck pig. But from supposedly passionate Vonnegut fans we could do without ‘Sons Of Privilege’ and its student union pop at Uncle Sam (chief findings: U.S.A.=B.A.D.), while much of the rest slips into shouty default mode.

Gavin Haynes