Album review: Ali Love – Love Harder (Backstreet)

Ambitions to evoke the spirit of Prince fall flat

“[i]Love is a chain of diminishing returns[/i]” sings shorts-and-plimsolls electro’s answer to [a]Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong[/a], kindly allowing NME to light pipe, don slippers, and put our feet up on the pouf. Love might think tracks such as ‘[b]Done The Dirty[/b]’ channel the libidinous spirit of [a]Prince[/a], but unlike the likes of [a]Gayngs[/a], he fails to realise that to be really like the Purple One you gotta have some rough with your smooth. The result is an anodyne, joyless record where flaccid lyrical clichés of high-living pathetically hump dry-gusset synths and beats. It all makes you wish he’d lingered for a little bit longer in that K-hole.

[b]Luke Turner[/b]


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