All We Are – ‘All We Are’

The Liverpool trio sound too sleepy to dance on their inconsistent disco debut

In May 2013, All We Are described their single ‘Utmost Good’, accurately, as “The Bee Gees on diazepam”. Nearly two years later, bassist Guro Gikling is touting the Liverpool trio’s debut album as “psychedelic boogie”. The 11 tracks here fit both descriptions. Opener ‘Ebb/Flow’ thrums with delicate melody, blending The xx’s midnight edge with Wild Beasts’ theatricality, a careful mix of electronics and isolated notes from guitarist Luis Santos mesh prettily on ‘Feel Safe’; and ‘I Wear You’ is an urgent disco love song with a breathy ”Ooh, ooh, ooh” refrain. However, All We Are – who crafted most of this album in their hometown studio before recording in London with Bat For Lashes producer Dan Carey – can become too tranquilising. Initially impressive, the complex melodies of ‘Stone’ are indulged for too long and end up soporific, and the whooshing ‘Go’ and the latent ‘Something About You’ act as sleeping pills. It’s not a bad record, but, ultimately, ‘All We Are’ lacks energy.

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