Album Review: Allo Darlin’ – ‘Allo Darlin” (Fortuna Pop!)

Fortune doesn't always favour the brave

Australian singer Elizabeth Morris recently quit her job as a waitress in a north London café but before she did she evidently picked up some Kate Nash-ish not-quite-there rhyming habits. For that bravery alone, we really wish that we could get to like this album and its lingering summer innocence/Pipettes-style retro swoons. But even that fails to deter from the fact that, in places, Allo Darlin’ sound like The Beautiful South playing for an early ’90s Christian book fair in a British seaside resort on the south coast. It’s not offensive; it’s just way too MOR for us to iPod this beast and drift off into a summer daydream while licking a Mr Whippy. Shame that.

Kelly Murray

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