Ilan Eshkeri & Andy Burrows – ‘The Snowman & The Snowdog OST’

Po-faced and overproduced, former Razorlight man Burrow's collaboration with pop-classical composer Eshkeri is one to avoid

Raymond Briggs, author of children’s book The Snowman, which was published in 1978 and made into an animated film in 1982, wasn’t involved in its 2012 sequel, The Snowman And The Snowdog. It turned out to be more flimsy and less wondrous/trippy than the original – music included. Where the original had Peter Auty singing the haunting ‘Walking In The Air’ (before Aled Jones re-recorded it), here we’re offered former Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows belting out a po-faced and over-produced soft-rock ballad, ‘Light The Night’. It ruined the film, making it seem like a music video, and here it overshadows Ilan Eshkeri’s more appropriate pop-classical compositions. ■ Phil Hebblethwaite

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