Anna Calvi – ‘One Breath’

Calvi steps out from the shadows of Jeff Buckley and PJ Harvey to create something all her own

As impressive as Anna Calvi’s 2011 self-titled debut was, all stormy operatics and gothic romance, the 32-year-old was dogged somewhat by comparisons to Jeff Buckley and PJ Harvey. The Londoner’s follow-up isn’t going to see those comparisons vanish completely, as lead single ‘Eliza’ demonstrates. But elsewhere on ‘One Breath’, particularly on the rhythmic and complex ‘Carry Me Over’, Calvi has created something all her own. There’s new confidence here, and a sense that she’s stretching herself musically and lyrically. ‘Suddenly’ and the title track find hope where before there would have been only blackness. But it’s the string-heavy finale of ‘Sing To Me’ that is the album’s grand and luscious highlight.

Andy Welch



  • Record label: Domino
  • Release date: 07 Oct, 2013