Anna Calvi – ‘Strange Weather’ EP

Gothic pop chanteuse puts her own take on five artists' songs

It’s only worth doing a version of someone else’s song if you bring something new to it. Anna Calvi certainly does that on this five-track EP of covers. It opens with her take on ‘Papi Pacify’ by FKA Twigs. Calvi transposes the sparse and spooked electronics of the original into guitar twangs, shuffling drums and juddering violins, all blanketed with cavernous echo. The result is more punctured and damaged than the original and hardly recognisable as the same song. Elsewhere Calvi successfully tackles ‘Lady Grinning Soul’ (David Bowie), ‘Ghost Rider’ (Suicide) and ’I’m The Man, That Will Find You’ (Conan Mockasin), the latter with help from David Byrne. Potential cover performers take note: this is how you do it.

Chris Cottingham



  • Record label: Domino
  • Release date: 16 Jun, 2014