Album Review: Anni Rossi

Anni Rossi

Facts about this album

* Anni Rossi was classically trained from the age of three.

* ‘Anni Rossi’ was recorded all in one day.

* Anni Rossi’s favourite colour is olive green.

Album review:

Does the world need Joanna Newsom to meet Regina Spektor? Or does it have enough problems as it is? By the time 23-year-old viola prodigy (yes, viola – deal with it) Anni Rossi has concluded her prim, virginal alt.folk musings about wanting to be “a beekeeper in the Himalayas” in a voice that out-quirks Regina’s own vocal inflections, you’ll be convinced she’s the Marie Antoinette of our times. The garrisons are starving and all she can do is simper on about some lace-and-taffeta la-la land? A producer of Steve Albini’s experience shouldn’t have authorised the Ace Of Base cover: if you alt.folk-up ‘Living In Danger’ and come off duller than the original, something’s probably wrong. File under: ‘shoulda put a donk on it’.

Gavin Haynes

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