Album review: Aidan Moffat And The Best-Ofs

How To Get To Heaven From Scotland

* Aidan Moffat first came to indie fame as one half of acerbic duo Arab Strap

* Aidan Moffat was expelled from school, before securing a job in a record shop which he later packed in because he had a hangover.

* The title of ‘How To Get To Heaven From Scotland’ comes from a religious pamphlet that was posted through Aidan’s door in Glasgow.

Countless hapless romantics have made a career out of heartache. But none have done so with the same caustic wit as former Arab Strap frontman Aidan Moffat – a man so disgruntled with love it’s a wonder he’s spent so long trying to find it. Following last year’s spoken-word album ‘I Can Hear Your Heart’, everyone’s favourite misanthrope returns – but not as you’ve known him. True, he can still make light of carnal urges as he says man will forever be “slaves to our erections” on ‘Oh Men!’. But from the swooning ‘Lover’s Song’, resplendent with beatboxing, to ‘Lullaby For Unborn Child’ where he professes his fear and excitement of fatherhood, it’s clear this ‘Falkirk miserablist’ has finally found contentment.

Ash Dosanjh