Album review: Arthur And Martha – ‘Set Your Goals’

Everything's lovely until the singing starts...

There’s an art to knowing when to keep your trap zipped, and sadly Arthur And Martha haven’t yet got to grips with it. You see, backing track-wise this debut is pretty much perfect, as playful Korgs collide with clipped drum machines and clarinets trip over an array of Moogs, melodicas and stylophones. And it is all rather shimmery and lo-fi-ishly cute, in a krautrock for craft-lovers way, until the vocals kick in. Alice Hubley overdoes it with the deadpan delivery, and although the record is saved – just – by the occasional interjection from musical partner Adam Cresswell and a steady stream of beguiling melodies, NME can’t help drifting off into a dream world where this tweetronic twosome make instrumental music only. It’s a much lovelier place, you know.

Camilla Pia