Ásgeir – ‘In The Silence’

Plaintive songs, full of heartbreak, mountains and fjords

Ásgeir Trausti is a star back in Iceland, where record-breaking sales mean one in 10 of his countryfolk own a copy of this spellbinding debut. It’s easy to hear his plaintive songs, full of heartbreak, mountains and fjords, and picture Ásgeir recording in Bon Iver-style isolation. The truth is more sociable – his father contributes lyrics (translated here by John Grant), his brother plays bass and the music shimmers into colour with tumbling guitar, waves of brass and flowing electronic pulses. Ásgeir’s band played live on Made In Chelsea while the cast discussed their feelings recently. Not the ideal showcase for the intimate affection of ‘Was There Nothing?’ and ‘Going Home’, but don’t dismiss this shy wonder by association.

Stuart Huggett