Album Review: Atari Teenage Riot – ‘Is This Hyperreal?’

Pummelling electro punk at it's finest

There’s one word that definitely does not appear in any of the books in Alec Empire’s library: ‘compromise’. Sod three-chord cider skiffle, for this is punk in the proper way: a piledriver pummelling your head for your pleasure, just as a lyrical sabre eviscerates the swine.

The human trafficking protest track ‘Blood In My Eyes’ is violent electro doom to righteous ends, and the nasty, incessant hum of the title track predicts a somewhat bleak future. Meanwhile, the supremely intense ‘Codebreaker’ is so brutally heavy it needs no hacker to crush the intimate parts of your hard drive. Is this, then, hyperreal? To be honest, it’s a question that really did not need asking.

Luke Turner

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