Au Revoir Simone

The Bird Of Music (Moshi Moshi)

With a heart heaving and childish innocence imbuing every song, are Au Revoir Simone Moshi Moshi’s answer to Arcade Fire? Erika, Heather and Annie certainly suggested a certain cinematic sensibility shared by those crazy canucks on debut ‘Verses Of Comfort, Assurance & Salvation’. But, as is clear on their second album, their Casio-keyboard consoling, minor chord-thrilling world is one of tiny explosions, not Salvation Army bombasts. With the vocals recorded in the shower stall at the studio, the album is kiss-you-on-the-cheek intimate. From the Go-Go’s-doing-Stereolab melody of ‘Dark Halls’, to the ambient ‘Lark’, this album skulks around with deathly grace like a wolf skirting around Brooklyn Bridge at 3am. Pretty, perverse and almost perfect.

Priya Elan

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