Album review: Autokratz – ‘Animal’

Better when they don't try to bang

London’s autoKratz can certainly bring the noise. In the likes of ‘Gone Gone Gone’ and ‘The Idiots Are Winning’, the Kitsuné-approved duo deliver brutal bangers that would slip seamlessly into any Justice or Hervé DJ set. However, such boyish noise has been done to death of late and, frankly, it’s been done better. More interesting is David Cox and Russell Crank’s Tiga-ish pop sensibility. Bench-pressing pop pearl ‘Stay The Same’, the propulsive, dreamy ‘Can’t Stand Without’, and the coolly dramatic ‘Speak In Silence’ all have a puppyish energy, and rely on a rather limited palate of raw, serrated synth noises, but they also have some of Fischerspooner’s style. At their best, autoKratz are coolly logical pop craftsmen.

Tony Naylor

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