Album Review: Autokratz – ‘Self Help For Beginners’

Missing the beat once again

Dance music has proved fertile ground for those of an autocratic bent over the last 30-odd years. James Murphy, [a]Aphex Twin[/a] and Patrick Cowley found that tunnel vision and lack of compromise suits the genre well. David Cox and Russell Crank, on the other hand, opted for the misleading nomenclature of autoKratz presumably because The Barely Competent Late Adopters had already been taken.

Not quite sure what to play now that new rave is but a bad memory, they have opted for a bland form of electro-meets-synth pop, and not even the appearance of Peter Hook and [a]Primal Scream[/a] guitarist Andrew Innes can stop this from stinking like a tramp’s gusset in a heatwave.

John Doran

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