Babyshambles & Friends: Janie Jones

Reunited Libs men cover Clash classic for charideee

As Professor Cocker pointed out the other week, those who dare to screw up will always make the greatest music. Having delivered a stunning contribution to The Streets ‘Prangin’ Out’, indie rock’s very own Earl Of Rochester turns up at the helm of Clash anthem ‘Janie Jones’. Inspired by Joe Strummer’s daughter Lola it is, frankly, the nearest urch-rock will ever get to Band Aid. Featuring contributions from – amongst others – The Mystery Jets, Larrikin Love, We Are Scientists, Cazals, Lisa Moorish and The Rakes (Dominic Masters called in sick), it is a breathless romp about a ’70s vice queen containing some apposite lyrics (“He’s in love with getting stoned!”), a Statik remix and – lest we forget – features Pete and Carl back together again. Blub. Rough’n’ready; gritty’n’ heartfelt – Joe would love it.

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