Be Your Own Pet: Let’s Get Sandy

59 seconds of hellfire Nashville brilliance

If you took Karen O and toddler-from-hell Anjelica out of Rugrats and put them in the gene-splicing machine in The Fly that turned Jeff Goldblum into an unconvinvcing prosthetic, the likely result would be Jemina Pearl, a 17-year-old from Nashville hitherto mostly famous for puking into towels and then throwing them into the audience at major UK festivals. Then, if you put her in charge of a band made up of Itchy and Scratchy from The Simpsons and various Loony Tunes characters, you’d have something that looks rather like Be Your Own Pet. Have we sufficiently laboured the point that BYOP are a lot like cartoon characters? Good, because that’s exactly the case.

Attention Deficit Disorder re-imagined through the medium of indie, ‘Let’s Get Sandy’ is possibly the shortest Track Of The Week in NME history and certainly the most ultraviolent: an irresistible whirlwind of barely controlled psychobilly punk pop that seems to be about breaking the arms of a 12-year-old called Sandy. And it’s quite, quite brilliant, despite being strait-jacketed and bundled away after just 59 seconds for its own safety. Presumably somebody came at it with a syringeful of liquid ritalin as they approached the minute.

To which the band will have responded by puking in the holder’s face again, leaving them begging for more. The only-marginally longer B-side sounds like Beck doing ‘Milkshake’ by Kelis down some sort of rabbit hole, and is thus even scarier.


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