Be Your Own Pet: Adventure

Tennessee tearaways back on leash temporarily

After releasing the 58-second Lightning Bolt-esque wallop of ‘Let’s Get Sandy (Big Problem)’, the Nashville brats seem to have gotten all mellow on us – by their standards at least. ‘Adventure’ walks away from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs blueprint for a minute and reaches frontiers that have taken Karen O two albums to attain. Jemina Pearl is at her most endearing here, her sweet teenage drawl conversing, dreaming and dripping with youthful optimism – surprising from one once branded a good-for-nothing rebel. This is their coming-of-age song, bereft of the usual aggression but none the worse for it. It will undoubtedly extend their round-the-world visa for at least another 12 months and show that for Be Your Own Pet, the adventure has only just begun.

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