Best Coast – ‘Fade Away’ EP

Californian Duo's mini-album of charming but limited stoner fun

Since 2009, the Californian duo led by Bethany Cosentino have peddled their snappy lo-fi guitar tunes across two albums with all the energy of a comatose cat. Releasing a seven-track mini-album is perhaps Cosentino’s most self-aware move yet: when you’ve heard one Best Coast song you’ve heard them all, so why record 12 when seven will do? First track ‘This Lonely Morning’, features bandmate Bobb Bruno’s trademark distorted chords, while Cosentino sounds like a snail-paced Jenny Lewis singing The Wannadies’ ‘You And Me Song’ in a retro karaoke bar. Elsewhere, rhymes such as “I wait for you to stay/But sometimes you just go away” suggest her lyrical nous hasn’t developed. But if you’re a fan of the band’s stoner charm and enjoy guessing lyrics to songs as they meander from your speakers, there’s fun to be had here.

Eve Barlow

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