Big Deal – ‘Sakura’

Fuzzy UK pair hit a whole new level of loss on melancholy new EP

If the lyrics of Big Deal’s new EP are anything to go by, guitarist Kacey Underwood and singer Alice Costelloe’s hearts have been stomped on more times than Kevin Shields’ apocalypse pedal (possibly by each other, it’s been rumoured). The tetchy ‘Talk’ is familiar as the original version was on their 2013 album ‘June Gloom’, but the Interpol-go-post-rock crunch of ‘Always Boys’, with Costelloe’s withered cry of “He’s a lover, not a fighter, but he’s gone”, is a whole new level of loss. The title track, meanwhile, sounds like something that could lead an acoustic Karen O solo album, and the Elastica-tinged ‘Figure It Out’ is pure Britpop brilliance. Heartbroken, but heavenly.

Jamie Fullerton