We Are Bis From Glasgow, Scotland

You know all those old dudes who say they heard the Sex Pistols and, as a result, immediately cut their hair short and became a punk? In spirit, that’s what happened to this writer when he heard Glaswegian trio Bis over 10 years ago. This Best Of explains why; they had brilliant tunes. They tackled the corporate music industry monolith with pure DIY cool. And they wrote songs about important, thought-provoking things such as body fascism, homophobia, and feminism (and quite a lot about fanzines and sweets, too). Such was their cult appeal back in the ’90s, it’s likely the only songs you’ll recognise are love it-loathe it breakthrough single ‘Kandy Pop’ and freak ’98 hit ‘Eurodisco’. Yet dig deeper and you’ll find a special, unique and important band that might change your life now as well.

James Jam

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