Album Review: Bloc Party

Intimacy Remixed

Album review:

C’mon, be honest. ‘Intimacy’ was horrible, a chronic misstep from a band capable of conjuring blue magic in a second. Perhaps in an effort to regain some of the confidence they seem to have been losing – ‘Silent Alarm’ also received the remix treatment way back when – they’ve contacted faces from the past and present for a leg-up. And while ‘Intimacy Remixed’ isn’t wholly devoid of merit, that’s down to external input: We Have Band cake ‘Halo’ is low-end dub gorgeousness, and the spaced-out ‘Ion Square’, courtesy of Banjo Or Freakout, is a quiet feast of ambient atmospherics. But with too many unimaginative exercises in four-to-the-floor monotony, this only confirms Bloc Party are in big trouble.

Ben Patashnik

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