Album Review: Bo Ningen – Bo Ningen (Stolen Recordings)

Japanese psych-garage that can even turn The Horrors on its head

This Japanese psych-garage band have been building a huge reputation in London of late. [a]The Horrors[/a] are in thrall to them, and no wonder; ‘Bo Ningen’ makes ‘Primary Colours’ sound like The Bodyguard soundtrack. Right from the opening Black Sabbath meets The Sonics of ‘4 Seconds To Ascension’ this is an incredible ride; ‘Koroshitai Kimochi’ is like [a]At The Drive-in[/a] with The Fear, ‘Gasmask Rabbit’ bursts from a paranoid lullaby into precision-guitar overdrive, while ‘Kage’ is [a]Nirvana[/a]’s cover of ‘Love Buzz’ getting machine-gunned to orgasm. People who know great music’s all about getting your face stoved in by black-clad maniacs are going to LOVE this.

Martin Robinson

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