Album review: Bob Log lll

My Shit Is Perfect

Bob Log III’s live shows are wild affairs. Bob likes to ride rubber dinghies across the heads of his audience and summon women onstage to stir his whiskey with their tits. Bob plays steel guitar, kick drum and hi-hat simultaneously, while clad in a skin-tight jumpsuit and a motorcycle helmet. No-one has ever seen Bob’s face. Bob, quite clearly, is a lunatic. It seems odd, then, to transfer him to CD, thus removing the mayhem and spectacle. There are times on ‘My Shit Is Perfect’ where his personality does come through – ‘Bump Pow!’, for instance, which mimics the scatological flawlessness of the album’s title with an absurd, farting bassline – but other than that, it’s all made to seem like much of a stink over nothing.

Kev Kharas

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