Bonde Do Rolê

With Lasers

Bonkers baille-funk keeps the carnival just the right side of crazy

The six-legged, twin-sexed Brazilian baile-funk megalith that is Bonde Do Rolê doesn’t believe in wasting time; ‘With Lasers’ rattles through its 12 songs in a sprightly 30 minutes, leaving you with barely enough time to catch your breath between its Day-Glo, potty-mouthed and utterly crazed copulations.

But what a 30 minutes. Pedro, Gorky and Marina make the sort of music that begs for drugs to be taken to it, from ‘Solta O Frango’’s Megadrive-powered approximation of a zombie tunnel rave to ‘Geremia’, whose incessant kazoo abuse is just the right side of the fun/kill-your-friends-it’s-so-annoying divide. Prolonged periods of listening to it will probably rot the teeth right out of your head.

While ‘With Lasers’ might be sung entirely in Portuguese, you won’t need a press release translating its more eccentric moments to know that it’s completely insane. Take ‘James Bonde’ – a song about what would happen if Her Majesty found out 007 was gay – which sounds like Muse taking MDMA through their eyeballs at carnival time, or ‘Office Boy’’s gleefully dumb ’70s rock pastiche, or ‘Bondallica’’s crunching industrial beats, or… well, you get the point.

Bonde Do Role are a perfectly engineered pop machine; streamlined enough to never outstay its welcome and bonkers enough to warrant repeat visits to whatever planet it is they live on. This is party music of the most deranged, delirious and vital variety.

Barry Nicolson