Album review: Bowerbirds – ‘Upper Air’

Delicate, cloud-drifting Americana

Coasting in on a wave of wistful Americana, Bowerbirds’ second effort tugs the heartstrings with free-spirited abandon. At times recalling the delicate acoustic tendencies of Bon Iver (‘Silver Clouds’) or the ethereal boy/girl duets of late-’90s Belle & Sebastian (‘Beneath Your Tree’), ‘Upper Air’ draws from the masters of heartbreak and condenses the findings into 10 tracks of spine-tingling harmony. ‘Northern Lights’ and ‘Crooked Lust’ prove stripped-back can still be completely consuming, while ‘House Of Diamonds’ is the sweetest paean to freedom you’ll hear in a long time. Overall, you get the kind of lush musings that’ll soundtrack all the pivotal moments of your wayward summer romance. Blissful.

Lisa Wright

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