Album Review: Braids – Native Speaker (Kanine)

Taking influence from the blogosphere, Braids release their record

There’s probably not much to do growing up in Alberta, Canada – assuming you’re not into shooting animals and freezing in log cabins – and few places to hear new music either. So it’s not surprising that [a]Braids[/a], clearly immersed in the blogosphere, stew up influences from some of the biggest 2.0 hits of the last few years on their debut. Fronted by Raphaelle Standell-Preston, who sings like a less tiring [a]Joanna Newsom[/a] on ‘Plath Heart’, the four-piece deal with Animal Collective’s arpeggiated synths, chillwave’s hazy guitars and Gang Gang Dance’s tribal percussion. Yes, the echoes, thrumming electronics and afrobeat rhythms are so zeitgeisty it hurts, but the songs, especially opener ‘Lemonade’, are ear-wormy enough to guarantee a place all their own in your heart. As long as [a]Braids[/a] can escape unscathed from the hype machine, this could be an amazing journey.

Tom Pinnock

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