The Brian Jonestown Massacre – ‘+-‘ EP

Anton Newcombe's latest takes dark turns in its mind-altering grooves

For a band so deeply rooted in the joint-fugged 1960s, Brian Jonestown Massacre’s latest EP follows rather a modern concept. Following their latest album, May’s ‘Revelation’, this shotgun release is made up of four tracks recorded this August in Anton Newcombe’s Berlin studio. These songs have been quickly shot out into the world, their mind-altering grooves unfettered by months of extensive production. The retro output of newcomers like Temples seems like child’s play compared to the dark, predatory pulse of ‘Reconstruction’, while ‘Leave It Alone’ burns like Jim Morrison’s hair being accidentally set on fire by an errant joss stick. Shifting to a more contemporary approach clearly suits these wizened psych overlords.

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