Brian Reitzell

30 Days Of Night OST

30 Days Of Night is the coolest vampire movie since From Dusk Til Dawn. Faith No More’s King Sicko Mike Patton and his Ipecac record label are unfathomably cool. And we’ve never heard of Brian Reitzell before, but he’s cool by association at the very least. Really, how can this fail? This

music-from-the-motion-picture is the absolutely perfect soundtrack to being stuck in a dark town and terrorised by vampires who have had fun killing most of your friends. Call it shonky research, but that situation hasn’t happened to me or any of NME since calling this album in. Thus we can only

judge it in clinical conditions. Reitzell’s score is tense, paranoid, ambient and almost impossible to listen to all the way through.

But the way he bends music into bloodcurdling shapes ensures that this is the cool sound of things going bump in the night.

Daniel Martin