Album review: Butcher Boy

React Or Die

Facts about this album:

* Butcher Boy is a seven-piece band from Glasgow.

* ‘React Or Die’ is their second album.

Album review:

As Stuart Murdoch continues to dick around with his musical and the Belle & Sebastian sabbatical drags into its third year, Butcher Boy return to seize the demographic marked ‘young, Glaswegian, twee’. Their second album serves up what all good indie-pop comebacks do: more of the same. In their case, this means piano ballads along the lines of B&S’ ‘We Rule The School’ and richly plotted arrangements of cellos and horns, regret, childlike wonder and the lilting sadness of a foggy morning, all swirling into something self-deprecatingly lovely. “I gather books and I read with missionary zeal”, whispers John Blain Hunt on ‘Clockwork’. We suspect he’s not really into horra-hop.

Gavin Haynes


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