Album Review: Cass McCombs – ‘Wit’s End’

Bringing the beautifully desolate tones of folk into he 20th Century

‘The Lonely Doll’ is the second track on [a]Cass McCombs[/a]’ sixth album of miserable American folk, and a song that acts as a key to both the album and his beatnik worldview. Beginning as a subtle tribute to an unhappy doll that he drunkenly spied on last summer, it builds, via the symbol of the poppet, into a portrait of modernity as obsessed with images of real life, rather than real life itself.

No prizes for guessing who’s been reading Guy Debord then, but it’s these touches as well as his reverb-laden sound that makes him vaguely modern, unlike some folk artists who’d be happier pretending the 20th century never even happened.

Jon Guignol

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