Cate Le Bon – ‘CYRK II’

A slowburner candidate for psych/folk album of the year

This record isn’t so much the sequel its title suggests as 26 minutes of the bits left off ‘CYRK’, Cate Le Bon’s second album. Maybe you think this is hubristic, considering it was only released four months ago, and its Cardiff-based creator is not exactly a household name. Well, shush. ‘CYRK’ is a slowburner candidate for psych/folk album of the year, and these five songs were ditched because they didn’t quite fit, not because of their inferiority. Veering further towards melancholy and self-doubt (‘What Is Worse’, notably), pianos tinkle gloomily and guitar solos gnarl into life like a less blokey Wilco. A rich dessert for those who’ve finished the main course.

Noel Gardner



  • Record label: Ovni
  • Release date: 20 Aug, 2012