Album review: Chester French – ‘Love The Future’

The Peaches marriage might have been the high point...

Pharrell, Jermaine Dupri and Kanye’s manager, who all battled to sign this duo, seemed to think there was something special about Chester French. We beg to differ, but either way, one incident is set to cast

an ominous shadow over the release of DA Wallach and Max Drummey’s debut: Max’s broken marriage to Peaches Geldof. Though there’s a lot to dislike (the self-conscious envelope-pushing, unnecessary string sections, the über-dodge schlock rock of ‘The Jimmy Choos’ and the whiff of Gnarls Barkley pawing a decaying Paul Simon), there’s also the bones of something interesting here. If only they’d stuck with making more numbers like the enticing Adam Green-ish gypsy pop of ‘Neal’, they might just have won us over.

Leonie Cooper

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