Album review: Chew Lips – Chew Lips (Family)

Chew Lips through caution to the wind and leave off the hits

Wow. [a]Chew Lips[/a] must be made of stern stuff. Having knocked out one of the most effortless, irresistible singles of 2009 with ‘Solo’, then following it up with the just-about-as-amazing ‘Salt Air’, the London trio have included neither of those songs on their debut album. Such cojones suggest they know they’ve got more where those came from. They do, but sadly there’s only one track here where singer Tigs’ urgent purr and the subtle combination of electronica and bouncy indie pop matches either of those two tracks: the mesmeric ‘Slick’. The rest is solid, but with [a]New Young Pony Club[/a] back on the scene, tracks like ‘Two Hands’ feel unremarkable. Maybe they should only write songs that start with ‘S’ from now on.

Emily Mackay

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