Album Review: Chicks On Speed – ‘Cutting The Edge’

The arty shriekers stick to their niche

They may have lost a member since 2005’s ‘Press The Spacebar’, but that isn’t reflected in Chicks On Speed’s output. Spread over two CDs, ‘Cutting The Edge’ represents the moment COS surrender any pretence to wider appeal at the altar of unchecked indulgence. How else to explain ‘Art Rules’ – an establishment takedown referencing Saatchi and the Chapman brothers over Al-Nayaafiysh synth stabs? And while their trashy appropriation of Neubaten’s concrete industrialism on ‘Sewing Machine’ is one of their funniest moments, you can’t forget that, where once they gave us ‘We Don’t Play Guitars’, now we get a spoken-word interlude on making said instrument from a stiletto. Which would you prefer? Exactly.

Louise Brailey

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