Album Review: Chromeo – Business Casual (Atlantic)

Montreal duo Chromeo follow up their 2007 gem with a slick, polished album - but it feels like style over substance

If 2007’s well-received album ‘[b]Fancy Footwork[/b]’ was the twitching bulge in the tight ’80s slacks of Montreal synth-funk duo [a]Dave 1[/a] and [a]P-Thug[/a], then ‘[b]Business Casual[/b]’, their major label debut, is the exploding, splurging boner. Cassius man [a]Phillippe Zdar[/a]’s production is a deluxe weave of dreamy synths, biting snares, throbbing bass and warbly Vocoders, but it feels as if [a]Chromeo[/a] are just doodling knobs over the top. Which, don’t get me wrong, is pretty funny and life affirming – grab a pen and try it yourself on this week’s [b]NME[/b] – but does little to vanquish
the novelty image they’re attempting to shake.

[b]Mike Williams[/b]

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