Chromeo – ‘White Women’

Canadian duo's yacht rock nightmare belongs at the bottom of the ocean

Despite being obsessed with seduction and sex, ‘White Women’ is about as erotic as a solo 4am trip to your local fish market. After four albums, the Canadian duo’s flimsy, supermarket own brand of funk is wearing thinner than Kate Moss after a month long juice cleanse. It’s so dripping with awkward, wink-wink irony that it’s utterly impossible to appreciate the Hall & Oates style synth pop that underpins the yacht rocking groove of ‘Old 45s’. “Even though you’ve got small breasts/to me they look the best,” smirks Dave 1 on ‘Over Your Shoulder’. Even a run of solid guest stars – Solange, Toro Y Moi and Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig – can’t pump any passion into this flaccid cringe-fest.

Leonie Cooper



  • Record label: Parlophone
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