Album Review: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – ‘Hysterical’

This album screams 'yeah', but not enough to clap

If the world did a celebratory air punch to the news that Brooklyn’s CYHSY are back after a three-year break, it’d be understandable – their almost instructional name is how we all reacted to their first album. Having struggled to live up to the hype as one of the early blogosphere’s favourite bands during their transition to a second record, their third offering is more self-confident. Working with producer John Congleton – who’s crafted tracks by Okkervil River, [a]St Vincent[/a] and [a]The Mountain Goats[/a] – the band respond to rumours that they’re no more in the best way possible, with jumbled synthesisers and vibrating bass gently tied together with Alec Ounsworth’s crackling voice. From the bouncy ‘Same Mistake’ (this album’s ‘Is This Love?’), to the darkly nostalgic ballad to years past, ‘Misspent Youth’, it’s a comeback as irrationally happy-inducing as its title suggests.

Listen to recommended track ‘Maniac‘ below:

Abby Tayleure