The best bands tend to be found in the substrata of rock’s great trifle, under the creamy flavour of the month and far beneath the magazine covers and platinum discs. Clinic have long been the jelly and custard of skewed, hypnotic punk-psych, and this B-sides compilation digs out some peach slices from a 10-year career of ripping it up on the margins. ‘Christmas’ from 2002 – all tip-toeing piano, ghostly humming and Ade Blackburn’s clenched-teeth vocals – sounds like the darkest hour before Yuletide dawn, while ‘The Scythe’, a menacing, dark instrumental that sounds like ’60s garage band The Seeds slammed through a Velvet Underground wall of fuzz, could be the soundtrack to a Tarantino bloodbath.

‘Funf’ for all the family.

Emily Mackay