Album Review: CocoRosie – ‘Grey Oceans’ (Sub Pop)

The Casady sisters exchange the irritations of previous offerings for something entirely beautiful

Not since System Of A Down’s ‘Steal This Album!’ has a record cover conveyed such an overt order. “Go on,” the blue, moustachio’d, beardy and downright wacky Bianca and Sierra seem to be goading. “Buy this if you’re brave enough. We dare you.” The old maxim about not judging books by covers won’t stop a lot of people from doing so with the Casady sisters’ fourth album, which is a shame, seeing as ‘Grey Oceans’ is CocoRosie’s most beautiful and, more importantly, least bloody irritating record to date. Yes, the jarring kids’ toys and intentionally grotesque lullabies which marked ‘Noah’s Ark’ and ‘La Maison De Mon Rêve’ still remain, but they’re secondary to a nervously unfurling operatic beast, emboldened by pin-sharp production that abandons the musty field recording sound of their past work. Curiously, the Casady sisters are still loathe to submit to making the gorgeous music that they’re capable of – like the ‘The Hissing Of Summer Lawns’ indebted title track – but even ‘Grey Oceans’’ ugliest moments are better than anything they’ve done previously.

Laura Snapes

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