It might only be his third album in 10 years but Keigo Oyamada doesn’t get out of bed unless he’s reinventing the wheel. Nicking his alias from Planet Of The Apes, the Tokyoite’s debut album ‘Fantasma’ was an astounding cut’n’paste exercise in eclecticism, while 2002’s ‘Point’ helped pioneer pastoral electronica. However, ‘Sensuous’ does away with any themes in favour of a kaleidoscopic vision of experimental pop. Whether it’s psychedelic folk (‘Omstart’), Kraftwerk beats mixed with Prince-style bass-twangs (‘Beep It’), or brain-bending guitar workouts (‘Gum’) Oyamada can do it all, and it’s often as befuddling as it is brilliant. Whether you dig it or not, the fact remains that there isn’t anyone – and never has been – making music like this guy.

Hardeep Phull

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