Album Review: Cosmo Jarvis – ‘Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange?’

Perplexing and risible

There is surely room for an artistic exploration of the issue of homosexuality in the buccaneering community. A response is needed to Barry R Burg’s scholarly 1983 tome Sodomy And The Pirate Tradition.

Yet, although Stephen Fry was apparently enamoured of [a]Cosmo Jarvis[/a]’ ditty ‘Gay Pirates’, the rinky-dink, seaside-pub-banjo is hardly up to the drama and intrigue that would no doubt have accompanied an old salt’s exploration of the Northwest Passage. At least on that track, though, Jarvis is not rapping over plastic folk or indie skiffle, as he does elsewhere throughout this perplexing and risible album.

Luke Turner

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