Album review: Crocodiles – Sleep Forever (Fat Possum)

California's hipster dark lords make pop out of their monolithic shoegaze influences

Californian art punks in thrall to JAMC, Velvets, The Monks, [a]Spiritualized[/a], krautrock, brain-bulging shoegaze textures and fuzzed-up guitars seek devoted hipster crowd. Produced by James Ford and styled by Gok Wan on How To Look Like A Shadowy Sex Leather Bastard On Crack. If San Diego’s [a]Crocodiles[/a] sound flawless on paper, they damn well prove it on record: this second album flies in the face of their heroes’ druggy mumblings by roaring monumental pop tunes from beneath the sonic silt of ‘Stoned To Death’, ‘Sleep Forever’ and ‘Girl In Black’. An escapist record, as much from genre as addiction or misery: here’s where the creeping creatures of the noir pop underworld get their wings.

Mark Beaumont

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