Album review: Cursive – ‘Mama, I’m Swollen’

Emotionally raw punk for the plaid-clad

To some, Tim Kasher is a god in plaid, a bearded sage who bleeds pained wisdom. His band Cursive’s sixth album will do little to dissuade the acolytes; ‘From The Hips’ and the heartsore ‘We’re Going To Hell’ hug like new best friends made from woozy chords and chopped drums rather than flesh and bone as Kasher throws out platitudes with the doomed nobility of a captain going down with his ship. Therein lies the attraction – behind ‘Caveman’ and the title track lie a litany of broken promises rendered in scratched-out guitars, giving ‘Mama, I’m Swollen’ an almost uncomfortable nakedness. But the key word is ‘almost’, because what could have been mawkish and naive is instead deliciously raw, an album for when all else fails.

Ben Patashnik

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