Album review: Cymbals Eat Guitars – ‘Why There Are Mountains’ (Memphis Industries)

Cannibalistic music for tempestuous noise-freaks

The lead singer of this Staten Island quartet used to go by the name of Joe Ferocious. He told NME earlier this year that, although his name originates from when he was in high school, he “wasn’t really that ferocious”. Although Joe has now reverted to the boring D’Agostino, the feral noise-pop his band creates is as vicious as ever. ‘…And The Hazy Sea’ heads the album with a claustrophobic freak-out of crashing cymbals, dying guitars and maddening screams. It pummels our brain into the Pavement-y distorted indie (best: ‘Indiana’) and lo-fi orchestrated wail-outs (best: ‘Like Blood Does’) that make up the rest of the album. ‘Why There Are Mountains’ is delightfully savage.

Jamie Crossan

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