Daft Punk: Rock Ness, Inverness, Scotland, Sunday June 10

Original ravers still party harder, better, faster, stronger than the rest

Let’s get this straight – Daft Punk are a big fucking deal. If you didn’t know it before, you’d know it pretty much as soon as you caught sight of the two massive queues snaking across the gorgeous Rock Ness festival site to get into the already rammed tent that the French duo are set to play. In three hours’ time. If it wasn’t for Daft Punk, indie kids would have never got into electro, simple as that. There would be no 2ManyDJs, no Klaxons, no Hadouken! and no… Like we said… Big. Fucking. Deal.

Part of Daft Punk’s charm is the mystique they’ve built up – no-one’s seen their faces since sometime late last century and tonight they’re almost an hour late onstage. But as they finally step out into their neon pyramid of disco – a real contender for the title of eighth wonder of the world – in slick crash helmets and dapper Hedi Slimane leather jumpsuits, all is forgiven.

As ‘Aerodynamic’’s chiming bell tolls and crashing keys mix seamlessly into ‘Around The World’, huge rainbows flash across the screens around a disco light grid resembling a futuristic garden trellis. We feel like we’re trapped in an arcade game circa 1982, and ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’ is the manic theme tune. When the enigmatic two return for an encore of ‘One More Time’ fully Bladerunner-ed up, the lights go out and bright red piping glows across their suits as they blow kisses to the cheering crowd. It would be creepy if it wasn’t so much damn fun.

We can’t see under those helmets and frankly we’re not sure if we’d want to, but we’d bet a euro or two they’re grinning as widely as us.

Leonie Cooper