Album Review: Dananananaykroyd – ‘There Is A Way’

Big on boasting and bigger in name, the Glaswegians’ clattering second lives up to its swaggering claim

Dananananaykroyd reckon their new record sounds like Prince. They also say that it sounds a bit krautrock, is full of fist-in-the-air moments, and was recorded in LA while American Movie played out on a loop in the background. Everything they say is true. 

If you’ve not seen American Movie, shame on you. It’s the greatest documentary ever made. Trailing blue-collar loser Mark Borchardt through his progressively alcoholic attempt to make a feature film, it’s an unpatronising celebration of the life of an underdog. It would be quite easy to hate someone like Borchardt, but somehow you end up rooting for him. Where’s this going?

Well, it would be easy to hate Dananananaykroyd too. Six fuckwits from Glasgow with a they-think-it’s-clever-but-it’s-actually-really-fucking-annoying name, a load of stupid shouting cluttering up every song, and the ‘Wall Of Cuddles’ audience interaction japes. But like Mark Borchardt, give Danan a bit of space and they’ll live up to all their big claims.

‘There Is A Way’ opens up with ‘Reboot’, a direct progression from 2009 debut ,‘Hey Everyone!’, before slamming into ‘All Us Authors’, which backs up all that fight-pop nonsense they used to talk, yelling “say that again, start making sense, jaw smacks the wall, brief shock and awe”. They’re a bit too spindly and wiry to be really intimidating, but this is a heavier and more robust band incarnation. 

Produced by metal guru Ross Robinson, ‘There Is A Way’ is a slicker beast than the Danan of yore, yet that rickety collision of a million ideas remains. It all comes together on standout track ‘Think And Feel’, which sounds like ‘Graffiti Bridge’-era Prince sung by a drunk. See – told you they’d come good in the end.

Mike Williams

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